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Apple Rock

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

So, what I’m saying is … they’re ROCKS, painted to resemble APPLES…. and it’s called … APPLE ROCKS … and may I say, we drove a little bit off the beaten track to to find them …. and there was trash there … and graffiti ….

However, … setting that aside …. they are … indeed… delightful.

The apple rocks, also known as the apple boulders, were painted by artist Neil Larson in 1983.

Since then, adoring anonymous locals have kept them re-painted and spic and span (except for the people who have tagged them - no manners0

From the core to the pips, to the peel, to the slices, we loved every aspect — a true obscure original roadside attraction


Southern California #20 - last visited 10th October 2020

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