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Beauty Bubble Salon and Museum

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Full disclosure. - The Beauty Bubble is where I go to get a dint in my do, so I “may" be biased - and here we are with our friend Jeff, who owns and operates The Bubble.

So, that being said ….. my unbiased review ….The Beauty Bubble is a must visit one of a kind roadside attraction.

It is a working salon, crazy, quirky, glamorous museum, and kooky vintage store, all rolled in to one.

The vintage hair and beauty collection is very comprehensive, nationally recognized, and was recently displayed at the Harvey Milk Terminal at the SFO airport.

From Beautiful Chrissie with hair that grows, to a 1940’s perming machine, to the cast recording of HAIR, to more vintage hair dryers than you thought could exist, the collection has humour as well as historic significance.

Jeff is a very entertaining HAIRstorian who regales visitors with stories about, and the history of, anything that catches your eye during your visit.

There is also a very well curated gift and vintage store attached to the salon, packed with simply must have trinkets and fashions.

I love visiting The Beauty Bubble - get a hair appointment if you can - but only if you dont mind tourists taking your photo while you’re getting your hair cut!

side bar your honour: There is a great documentary about The Bubble, that has been the hit of the 2022 film festival circuit…. and the lucky client getting her hair done in the film is ME!


Southern California #2 - last visited 12th June 2022

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