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Big Bear Giant Swing

Can there be many more locations that sound as adorabubble as Shady Lane Park?

And tiny Shady Lane Park tucked away in a suburban street in Coachella is indeed adorabubble, mainly due to its giant bear swing!

The 15 foot high and 20 foot wide bear was originally commissioned for the 2015 Coachella music festival, and then installed at Shady Lane Park in 2017.

His official name is “Big Bear”. He was created by New Mexico artist Don Kennell, and made entirely from recycled materials, including rusted steel. He also has hand blown glass eyes - oh,and from his left paw he is holding a giant porch swing with room for two! The swing is painted with the California State Flag - The Big Bear giant bear swing was inspired by the flag’s iconic grizzly.

Sidebar: Shady Lane Park is dog friendly and is also home to several fruit trees you are welcome to pick from if you visit in season.


Southern California #142 -last visited September 2022

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