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Canter's Deli

The quintessential LA experience is a New York style deli - and ooh la la that incredible signage - impressive by day, and stunning by night.

The superb outside of Canters deli is matched by the inside, which is huge, yet manages a cozy 1950’s ambience, with great inside signage, a glass case full of every cake and cookie imaginable, and booth seating. (Oh, and don’t forget to look up — whoah that ceiling!)

Canters has been serving “deli fa dinnuh” since 1931 and is still run by the Canter Family.

We’ve done quite a bit of star spotting at Canter’s by the way at all hours a day, as Canters is a 24 hour a day operation (except for Jewish holidays, of course!)

Adjacent to Canters is the Kibitz Room, circa 1961, a cocktail lounge with glamorous black banquettes and a fabulous bar.

side bar your honour: as you’re leaving Canters, look diagonally across the road to your right - here you will see one of the last LA outdoor newsstands - all but extinct these days, this one is alive and kicking


Southern California #32

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