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Dresden Room

We first spied The Dresden Room in a movie that we love, 1996’s “Swingers”.

You might have spotted The Dresden in one of a million other films and TV shows - “What Women Want”, “That Thing You Do”, “Anchorman”, “Mad Men”, or “GLOW”.

The Dresden is split in to two distinct areas - the restaurant, and the lounge bar - you could die from glamour in either one. Spend some time in both when you go. (There is also a small private dining room)

The glorious 1954 restaurant, with its embossed white leather chairs, deep leather banquettes, gilt wall sconces, heavy wood decorative detail, high ceilings, and flattering low lighting simply reeks of old Hollywood glamour (and yes, we’ve spotted a celebrity or two when dining at The Dresden)

The bar is a mid-century dream, with a dark wooden bar, low lighting, red leather banquettes and a grand piano with seating set around it (so when you sit at the piano, you sit at a bar attached to the piano!) There is live music in the bar more often than not. For decades it was the domain of iconic kitschy lounge singers Marty and Elayne, until Marty sadly passed away in 2022.

Once you capture the attention of your tuxedoed barman, order a “Blood and Sand”, a whiskey-based cocktail said to have been created at The Dresden.

Visiting the Dresden is an authentic old Hollywood experience - it’s one of our favorites - one thousand million hundred stars - -shrimp cocktails for everyone!


Southern California #109 -last visited July 2021

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