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Elvis Presley Statue

The Elvis Presley “Aloha from Hawaii” statue sits in the garden of the Neil S Blaisdell Centre Arena (known as the Honolulu Convention Center Arena at the time of Elvis’s “Aloha from Hawaii” TV special.)

“Aloha From Hawaii" was the world’s first satellite TV concert, performed here on January 14th, 1973.

The statue, which is easily seen and accessed from the car park, was unveiled in 2007.

One of the million things we love about Hawaii, is that its statues seem to be honoured daily with leis of fresh flowers, and the Elvis statue is no exception.

Take a moment to also admire the arena. It opened in 1964 and has a definite kooky sixties spaceship vibe.


Hawaii #4 - last visited April 2022

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