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Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe

Emma Jean, your pastel green diner, surrounded by blooming flower boxes and well attended bird feeders is a vintage delight.

Honey, stop the car because this is the cafe/ diner you dream of finding along Route 66

Built from cinder blocks sourced from the cement plant down the road, I doubt much has changed since the adorable angled glass doors swung open for the first time in 1947.

Emma Jeans is extremely photogenic, has some adorable route 66 photo ops outside, and has a great old neon sign out on the highway.

You know we love to sit at the counter in diners, and Emma Jean’s has a great one where you can see all the action of the grill, and chat to the friendly down to earth gals running the joint like a well-oiled machine.

We ordered the recommended Brian Burger - -if you do too, make sure you are HUNGRY!

Pro-tip - the rustic circa 1947 ladies restroom is extremely Instagrammable - ladies - wash your hands -and take your phone!

Sidebar your honor. Here is a picture of Jeff Bridges sitting in this diner, in an episode of FX's 'The Old Man'. We squealed when we saw it!


Southern Califonia #7- last visited 6/30/2022

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