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Enchanted Tiki Room

You know, sometimes I fret that thrill seekers and young people possibly overlook some of the original Disneyland attractions when visiting the park.

We never go to Disneyland without visiting the enchanted tiki room.

This animatronic musical show, celebrating tiki culture (Disney style), first opened in 1963, and not a lot has changed since then.

In a delicious quirk of fate, the attraction is sponsored by the Dole pineapple company, so you can enjoy an iconic dole whip while waiting for the doors of the enchanted grass hut to open.

Inside you’ll be delighted by over 150 vintage animatronic birds, tikis, carved gods and winking totem poles.

The dad jokes abound, as do the retro quasi-Polynesian musical numbers.

It’s also a great and cool place to sit and rest your exhausted legs. Fun Fact: the enchanted Tiki Room was the first air-conditioned building in Disneyland.

- and get ready to have that song in your head for the next month

in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room! la la la la


Southern California #18 - last visited 11th June 2022

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