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Frank Sinatra's Twin Palms Estate

If you love mid-century architecture and a modernist aesthetic, do whatever you can to visit Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Estate.

The house is a private residence, so please don’t trespass, but if the gate is open you will get a great view of the outside of the house from the street.

This was Frank Sinatra's first desert home, built in 1947, and designed by E. Stewart Williams.

Sinatra was married to his first wife Nancy when the home was first built, but after the breakdown of their marriage, the house became the domain of his second wife Ava Gardner. Theirs was a fiery marriage, and the house still bears the scars of their volatile arguments. It’s true that the sink in the master bathroom has a large crack in it, due to Ava throwing a bottle of champagne at Frank.

On a happier note, the house has charming bedrooms for each of Frank’s children, and an incredible original recording studio in the living room.

Outside is the iconic piano shaped pool. At a certain time of day, the breezeway beside it will cast a shadow over the pool to resemble piano keys - stunning.

There are a couple of ways to get yourself inside the house. You can rent it and stay in it via

- otherwise, the house is regularly open for tours during Palm Springs Modernism Week.

Try to book one that includes martinis.

Sidebar your honour- Here we are with our friend David by the pool


Southern California #75 - last visited February 2022

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