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Giant Genie and His lamp

Coachella Valley has been known for date growing since 1904, and today 95% percent of the dates consumed in the USA come from the Coachella Valley.

Yet many date themed events and artistic renderings in the region align themselves with Saudi Arabia, which, these days, is the third largest producer of dates in the world.

Such is the case at the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio which has been decorated in early Ali Baba and the forty thieves.

The main entrance (on Hwy 111) has a dazzling middle eastern style gate leading to a giant golden dome, and murals of palm trees.

But for us, the main attraction is around the block, at the back of the fairgrounds. Here you’ll find gate six, which is presided over by a giant genie and giant genies lamp.

The Date Festival has been an annual event in Indio since the late 1940’s. If you choose to attend, remember to use the back gate - because back door buddies are the best!


Southern California #77 - last visited March 2021

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