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Jack Rabbit Trading Post

If you’re tootling along Route 66, at some point you’re going to start seeing a string of yellow billboards adorned with the black silhouette of a Jackrabbit.


These signs very effectively lure tourists off the highway to stop at the Jackrabbit Trading Post, sitting on stretch of the original route 66 highway. … and after following the billboards … 50 miles to go, 30 miles to go, 10 miles to go etc., the payoff at the end is the famous Jackrabbit billboard outside the trading post proclaiming HERE IT IS!!!


The origins of the circa 1949 trading post are hazy and range from Santa Fe railroad building to snake farm!! Today it is a souvenir shop with the jackrabbit adorning everything from beer cozies to keyrings and every style of shirt known to man. (also, underpants - I’m not even joking)


You can also go to the restroom if you’re brave and get an out-of-date packet of chips if you’re desperate. Having said that though, if you’re in the area you absolutely must stop, especially if you’re on a route 66 trip. If you venture to the back of the store, you’ll find a haphazard museum that gives a vibe of being curated by being gifted things and finding things on the side of the road - despite the fact that it looks like it has not been dusted since 1962, we absolutely loved it and you should not miss it.


Outside the lovely rustic original trading post building are lots of kooky added bonuses - vintage signs, a jackrabbit statue that you can climb on for a classic photo op, a Volkswagen rabbit and of course the main attraction - that billboard.


HERE IT IS is arguably the most famous sign along Route 66 and should not be missed.


Arizona # 2 - last visited October 2023

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