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Moorten Botanical Gardens

If the hand painted sign has been wheeled on to the street, then Moorten Botanical Garden is open.

This small privately run garden and Cactarium is a charming roadside attraction we visit again and again.

Chester “Cactus Slim” Moorten, and his wife Patricia, established Moorten Botanical Garden in 1938. They soon became much sought-after landscape designers, creating gardens for Walt Disney, Red Skelton, Jimmy Van Heusen, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby.

They also curated all the foliage for Frontierland as Disneyland was being built.

We have purchased many plants from Moortens small nursery store over the years, and love to think these plants may be the grandchildren of the Frontierland land gardens.

It takes about an hour to wander through the lovingly tended gardens.

You might also see fossils, crystals, gold mining relics, or a tortoise.


Southern California #62 - last visited December 2019

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