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Musso and Frank Grill

Shrimp Cocktails for everyone! We’re going to Musso and Frank!

Musso and Frank, right on Hollywood Boulevard since 1919 is one of our favourite places in. the. world.

Arrive early and stop at the mahogany bar for your first martini while your table is being readied. It’s the most glamorous martini in town, generously served with a sidecar, because one more sip would just hit the spot.

The glamour continues as you’re led to your table probably by a lovely older gentleman in a red jacket.

As you slide into your comfortably worn leather booth, trying not to take the crisp white tablecloth with you, imagine all the famous bottoms that have slid across that very seat. Because Musso and Frank has always been a favourite of the Hollywood glitterati.

Charlie Chaplin was a regular. Alfred Hitchcock had his own regular booth. Humphrey Bogart liked to sit at the bar.

We save Musso and Frank for special occasions or meeting special friends.

A certain standard is expected here darling, so please no flip flops or house dresses.

You can park behind the restaurant, and probably should, so you don’t miss one of their iconic signs (and picture Brad Pitt standing under it, as he does in “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood”)

That way you will also pass the vintage phone booths and walk through the older part of the restaurant after you enter.

Musso and Frank - one hundred million thousand stars.


Southern California #88 - last visited November 2021

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