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Neon Baton Twirling Majorette

The Neon baton twirling majorette is a fabulous, animated neon sign that dates back to 1947.

Her original home was as part of a neon mural that was attached to the back of the movie screen at the Campus Drive-In Theater. At the time, the Campus Drive-In was the largest drive-in theater on the West Coast, with a capacity of 900 cars - yikes! The first movie ever screened there was “Give My Regards to Broadway” starring Dan Dailey.

The majorette was designed by Austin Linn Gray and Joe Schmith and was based on San Diego High School’s head drum majorette Marion Caster Heatherly Baker.

In 1983 the Campus Drive In Theater was demolished, and the 4-story tall majorette went into storage.

She was eventually restored, and over 8,000 people attended the re-lighting ceremony at the majorette’s new home, the College Grove Shopping Mall.

The drum majorette is absolutely glorious, and if you’re in San Diego we highly recommend waiting until the sun goes down to experience her in all her neon glory!


Southern California #135 -last visited October 2021

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