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Peter Pan Motel

We travel to Las Vegas at least once a year, and each time we visit we tiptoe downtown in trepidation and fear that the Peter Pan Motel, and its beautiful vintage neon sign will be a pile of rubble, but year after year its glory lives on (touch wood)

The shady part of downtown Las Vegas boasts an eye-popping collection of vintage motels, each with a glorious neon sign, and each in its own state of disrepair and neglect.

The Peter Pan Motel was already abandoned when we discovered it, although the pixie dust is clearly still at work, as the neon sign still lights up, filling the night sky with adorableness. (Yes, I’m sure that is a word) This sign is one of our favorites, starting with its amazing kooky font, and ending with a happy and confidant Peter flying up to the stars. It is a perfect reflection of the happy optimistic heyday of American family road trips punctuated by novelty motels, and bright neon lights.

The Peter Pan Motel, opened in 1963, was always a modest motel, with about 20 rooms in a nondescript 2-storey building facing the carpark, crazy paving features, a large sign boasting the presence of TVs, and a small oval shaped pool. Its neon sign is definitely the bright sparkling jewel in the semi dull crown.

The Peter Pan Motel closed in 2006, re-opened as flea bag flop house for a few months in 2007, and was subsequently closed down by the city.

It’s a tiny bit off the beaten track, but worth driving a little out of your way to see. If vintage neon is in your thing, this is a great area to see quite a few beautiful signs.

We do not advise entering this private property, which may be littered with hobos and non-Disney mice.

The main attraction, the sign, can easily been from the street, and is a joy to see by day, and by night.

Sidebar your honor: Look at this glorious postcard from the Peter Pan Motel in its 1960’s heyday.


Southern Nevada #12 - last visited November 2021

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1 Comment

Gavin Bullock
Gavin Bullock
May 07

It was demolished a couple of months ago. I drove by as they were finishing up. The sign is still there.

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