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Siegfried and Roy's Jungle Palace

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Siegfried and Roy’s compound, dubbed the "Jungle Palace”, was their Las Vegas home for over 30 years.

Built in 1954, the compound comprises 4 parcels of land, and includes 4 houses, 3 pools, a casita and a cabana.

Naturally, one of the pools was reserved for the exclusive use of their pet lions. At one time The Jungle Palace, on the edge of a tony suburban neighborhood, and opposite a golf course, housed pet horses, mini donkeys, black swans, exotic chickens, African cranes, an assortment of dogs, and many cats in every shape and size, including lions and tigers.

The eccentric main house includes a bird sanctuary, a lion cage in the living room, and a jacuzzi spa in the dining room (yes, you did read that right)

The flamboyant Siegfried and Roy ruled the Las Vegas strip for over a decade with their magic and big cat stage extravaganza at The Mirage.

After their deaths, ( which occurred within a year of one another), the compound was purchased by the owners of the Carden International Circus for 3 million dollars.

Although the new owners have spoken about turning the Jungle Palace in to a tourist attraction, it currently remains as a private residence (so please don’t trespass on to private property)

You can see a LOT from the street, including ornate iron work featuring their initials, animal cages, beautiful gardens and water features.

The home is a fabulous extravagance — from the street look for stained glass windows, the top of the glass atrium, lion door knockers and the glamorous entry way.


Southern Nevada #18 - last visited April 2023

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