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The Big Lumberjack

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Little Louie the Lumberjack is a 10-foot-tall lumberjack who stands randomly in a car park in Flagstaff Arizona. The location was once the home of The Lumberjack Cafe, but the business was sold in the 1970’s.

Flagstaff originally had 3 giant lumberjacks. two 20-foot-tall fiberglass lumberjacks, and this 10-foot-tall wooden version, all standing together in the cafe’s car park.

The other two were donated to the local sports arena. -the home team are called The Lumberjacks, and Little Louise stayed behind as a reminder of the business that once stood beside him.

Little Louie, circa 1960’s has been restored twice, and currently looks very snappy on his own concrete platform, just a stone's throw from Route 66.


Arizona #1 -last visited May 2023

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