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The Boat Houses of Encinitas

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

OK this is kind of a fabulously obscure one — the boat houses of Encinitas.

They are not houseboats, but regular houses in the shape of a boat.

In fact, they are set a couple of streets back from the sea, in a regular suburban street.

Architect Miles Kellogg built these wonderful ship shaped houses in the 1920’s, using timber salvaged from the Moonlight Beach Dance Parlor, circa 1888.

They have been purchased by the local historical society, who are leasing them to full time residential tenants until they can afford to restore them an open a museum on the site.

The boat houses are on private property so please do not trespass - but as you can see, the view from the street is spectacular.


Southern California #21 - last visited 6th June 2022

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