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The Giant Horse

the giant horse is a 24-foot-tall fiberglass ode Roy Rogers famous sidekick Trigger.

The statue has enjoyed several homes, including outside the now defunct Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum.

After museum life, giant Trigger was sent to prance beside the graves of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans - klassy.

Finally, (and despite some complaints that giant Trigger, also has some very visible giant testicles), in 2018 Giant Trigger was moved to the entrance of a shopping and business mall in Apple Valley.

Real life Trigger was purchased by Roy Rogers in 1943. During his career Trigger starred in 84 movies and 101 TV episodes.

Trigger knew 150 tricks and could walk 50 feet on his hind legs.

Besides Mr. Ed of course, Trigger is probably the most famous celebrity horse of all time.

He even has his hoof prints in the forecourt of Graumanns Chinese Theatre.

Trigger sadly passed away in 1965.

Side bar your honour:

You might want to stay here when visiting Trigger - they do love a big horse in Apple Valley.


Southern California #67 - last visited February 2022

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