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The Last Tastee Freez

How bright and happy and full of ice cream Americans must have been when there was a Tastee Freez on every corner.

This chalet of soft serve was founded in 1950, and the last remaining stand-alone store, standing in Perris California, opened in 1965.

The Tastee Freez company has gone through many changes over the decades, including a bankruptcy, and a partnership with the Wienerschnitzel company, which saw Tastee Freez move from independent stand-alone stores to counters inside Wienerschnitzel stores.

All in all, it’s a miracle that this beautiful store in all of its original glory still stands.

Search for treasure all over the property including a pay phone facing the street, incredible signature car park lighting, and feature swag lighting under the A frame eaves. Then there is the huge tangerine streetside sign with a jaw dropping mix of mid-century fonts. Don’t miss the dining area with aqua picnic tables and aluminum shade umbrellas set at jaunty angles. Our eyes were exploding with happiness.

Ordering from window one and picking up from window two is all part of the joyous Tastee Freez experience. Signature soft serve ice cream dipped in ice cream should be considered a necessary part of your Tastee Freez visit.


Southern California #138 - last visited February 2023

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