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The Tee-Off

The Tee Off, since 1956, is one of the most glorious old school bars we have visited.

First of all, the neon signs - I die

And then the vintage golf theming is fabulous.

While you’re deciding whether to sit at the bar, or one of those inviting well-worn leather booths, take the time to admire the mid-century planter box at the diamond tufted front door — and room divider made of giant golf tees!

The Tee Off is the unofficial 19th hole for the nearby Sandpiper Golf Course.

If not for the glorious neon sign it could be easily missed as it sits tucked into the corner of a nondescript strip mall.

With its clubby rat pack vibe, we decided to go the steaks and martinis route when we visited, and we were not disappointed. In fact, they are famous for their steaks, and we can see why. Make sure you are starving when you go though, because the food is huge!

one thousand million stars


Southern California #104 - last visited August 2021

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