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Tonka Truck Graveyard

Toot toot, hey, beep beep!

Here, in somebody’s front, side and back yard lie 1000 dead Tonka Trucks - may they rest in peace, here in the dirt they spent their working life scooping up and moving around..

The Tonka Truck graveyard is on private property, so please don’t go past the fence, or disturb the owner, Mr. Griffin, who is well into his eighties.

You can easily see all the dead Tonkas from the street, some in neat lines, some in piles, or resting under a tree, and a few loners just randomly poking out from the weeds.

Mr. Griffin, or Mr. Tonka as he is known locally, has collected Tonkas in all states of disrepair, for over 30 years. Some are rusted out shells, and most seem a little bit broken, but all of them seem happy to be a part of this amazing collection, the world’s largest Tonka Truck collection, generously shared with passersby and vintage Tonka enthusiasts.

What a dump (truck).


Southern California #140 - last visited March 2023

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