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Vickie's Diner

For years, actually, since 1955, Vickie's Diner sat in all its hot pink glory on the seedy side of the Las Vegas Strip, inside the white cross drug store.


Originally called Tiffany’s, it was one of the oldest diners in Nevada, and with it’s 24-hour fountain and grill was said to have hosted late-night guests from the Rat Pack to Liberace to Elvis Presley who sat at the counter to eat a well-done steak and eggs.


First the white cross drug store, with its beautiful blue sign in retro cursive font, closed in 2015, and then, those germs we named COVID caused Vickie's to close as well.


But then, miracle of miracles, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a new incarnation of Vickie's opened up just off the strip on Sahara Avenue.


Everything we loved about the original Vickie's moved too - the hot pink chairs, the booths, the counter, the open kitchen, even the crazy portrait of Clint Eastwood — and the pay phone - it’s all there at the new location, along with a cool new mural of the welcome to Las Vegas sign for Instagram moments while you’re waiting for your table.


We went for a weekend breakfast and the joint was jumping with locals bantering with the staff, waiting for a prized seat at the counter to watch all the kitchen action and ordering ham steaks and eggs like they were going out of style.


Vickie's history, staff and beloved PINKNESS elevates it from “just another diner”. Come for the history - stay for the eggs.


Southern Nevada # 20 - last visited April 2023

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