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World Famous Crochet Museum

Out of all the clickety clack busy fingers knitting nancy granny squared yarn bombed places in all the world, THIS, my friends is the be all and end all of adorable.

The WORLD-FAMOUS crochet museum can be found by entering a side gate, passing a windswept outdoor art happening, continuing on to the tumbleweed encrusted dirt bowl and possibly stepping on a snake. But after you’ve done all that you will be rewarded by opening the door to a former photo kiosk, and discovering it is now the most glorious lime green ode to crocheting in all the world.

Every coat hanger cover, talcum powder poodle, tea cozy and toilet roll doll you can recall from every church jumble sale you ever went to can be found here in this teeny tiny museum dedicated to crafting on extreme granny level.

I cannot over state my love for the World-Famous Crochet Museum.

It is free to enter, though there is a (crocheted) donation box next to the guest book that more than deserves to be used.


Southern California #3 - last visited 12th July 2022

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