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World's Largest Box of Chocolates

The world’s largest chocolate box is located at the Ethel M chocolate factory in Henderson, Nevada.

This is a fun detour to see the chocolate factory in action with a self-guided tour of the production line, including a complimentary chocolate at the end! (It looks just like the chocolate factory Lucy and Ethel worked in, but with less hilarious results)

Outside you’ll find a beautiful 3-acre botanical cactus garden, the largest cactus garden in the South West United States! If you visit at Christmas time, do it at night when you’ll find a twinkling Christmas garden wonderland, complete with Santa waiting to grant your chocolate covered wishes.

With her giant cactus garden, and world’s largest chocolate box we can only assume Ethel M definitely likes things BIG!

The factory, garden, cafe, gift shop, and world’s largest chocolate box have been in operation for over 40 years.

Our professional advice is to eat your chocolate immediately - we can attest that leaving it in the car on a road trip through sunny Nevada will only end in melty chocolate tears.


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