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World's Largest Paper Cup

Welcome to the world’s largest paper cup, standing at just over 68 feet tall.

The giant paper cup stands outside the former Lily Tulip Cup Company, later sold to the Sweetheart Cup Company in 1958, who at one time painted the sweetheart logo on to the paper cup.

Sadly, both paper cup empires are now but a memory, and the giant paper cup, painted plain white, sits lonely and alone just off the freeway, in a field of weeds.

But that doesn't mean it is not still the best. thing. ever.

It is said the location of the giant paper cup was originally chosen so it was the first thing westbound train travelers saw when they arrived in Riverside.

Oh the romance and glamour of train travel. Welcome to exotic Riverside - the home of the world’s largest paper cup.


Southern California #26 - last visited 15th September 2020

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