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Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch

This unique forest of man-made metal trees adorned with zillions of bottles and found object pop art detritus is a route 66 must visit.

Entry is free, but there is a wishing well at the back if you’d like to leave a donation.

Hours are varied — if the gate is open, the ranch is open.

The bottle tree ranch is not only visually a feast for the eyeballs, but you’ll feel surprising zen when you’re in the thick of it, as the bottles clink and tinkle in the breeze creating a charming soundtrack to your visit.

Creator Elmer Long sadly passed away in 2019 (the first time we visited a few years ago, he was happily tootling around his shed as we wandered around) Happily his son has vowed to keep the bottle ranch open.

Pro tip - don’t forget to look up — there’s a surprise on top of almost every tree)


Southern Califonia #5- last visited 6/30/2022

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