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Jack Lord Statue

This is one of our favourite things ever.

Actor Jack Lord, AKA Detective Steve Mcgarrett from Hawaii 5-O, immortalized in a bronze bust, located outside his favorite Honolulu shopping mall.

I can’t wait to see where they build my bronzed head after I’m gone as my favourite shopping place is a toss-up between Tiffany and Target.

If you’re looking for the statue, it is located between the car park and Macys. Aaah the glamour of show business.

Jack Lord is obviously still greatly loved in Hawaii, as fresh floral leis are placed around his bronzed shoulders by fans on a daily basis.

Hawaii 5-O was a cop show that ran from 1968 to 1980.

The opening credits, featuring all aspects of Hawaii, were eye popping, and the TV theme unforgettable. It was said that those first 60 seconds of Hawaii 5-O were the best tourism campaign Hawaii ever had.

Jack Lord lived in Hawaii until his death in 1998.

The statue at the Kahala Mall was dedicated in 2004.


Hawaii #2 - last visited April 2022

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