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Roy Rogers Ranch

The mysterious Roy Rogers Ranch is an enigma wrapped in a question mark.

A quick google describes it variously as a wedding venue, a campsite, and old Hollywood western set, and also for sale! who knows!

But it is definitely the former home and ranch of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and even though it is private property, and you can only look from the street (and by that I mean dirt road), it’s still worth a stop if you’re in the (off the beaten track) neighborhood.

There’s an adorable sign, we could see some ponies, donkeys, barns, and classic cars from the street (dirt road), but also a million security cameras, so please don’t jump the fence, as tempting as that may be! We don’t want to be responsible for you being forced to crack rocks at the Victorville prison for the rest of your days!

Giddy up.

Southern California Map #6 - last visited June 26th 2022

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