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Roy's Barstow

Roy's Barstow is lovingly referred to by us as “Mini Roy's”. The more famous Roy's is located in Amboy and is a photogenic treasure with its enormous neon sign, abandoned motel, and old school gas station.


“Mini” Roy’s in Barstow has a smaller replica sign of the Amboy Roy's, and rather than being attached to a gas station and motel, it is attached to a diner style cafe.


Both establishments have the same owner, with the idea that you could eat at Barstow Roy's on your way to Amboy where you would encounter Roy's gas station. This itinerary would particularly apply to Route 66 travelers.


Apart from its fabulous neon sign, Roy's Barstow is also famous for its “heart attack hamburger”, a burger almost as big as your head, comprising the fixings of four regular hamburgers all packed in to one hamburger bun. If you can eat the heart attack burger, fries and a drink in under 5 minutes, you get it for free. mmm mmm  - just what you feel like eating in the middle of a long car trip. ( If you take on the heart attack challenge, please, please, please tell us all about it if you live to tell the tale.)


Southern California # 157 - last visited February 2024.

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