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Tail o' the Pup

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

It’s back!!

The 1933 group does it again with their restoration of The Tail’o the pup hot dog stand, circa 1946 - and it is EVERYTHING we love

We LOVE programmatic, or novelty architecture, and the Tail’o the pup is one of the last surviving examples. (We also quite like hot dogs!)

The new incarnation adds a restaurant, so you no longer have to eat your hot dog on the curb. Order at the giant hot dog, and head into the restaurant to pick up your order, sit down, and eat - perfect!

The giant hot dog was designed by Milton Black, and originally stood on La Cienega Boulevard, then San Vicente Boulevard.

Despite the hot dog stand closing in 2005, it was declared a cultural landmark in 2006.

We visited prior to the “official” ribbon cutting and opening in July 2022 and the place was packed and pumping.

It’s a must see if you’re in LA - we LOVE The Tail’o the pup.


Southern California #32 - last visited 16th July 2022

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