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The Brady Bunch House

Here’s the story …. of a lovely lady … (me, obviously)

When HGTV announced they had purchased the Brady Bunch House (a house whose exterior only was used on the show) and were planning to remodel it to match The Brady House interior (which was a set at Paramount studios) …. well, you may have heard me squeal from your house.

Of course, our DREAM is to get inside the house to see the remodel, which was the subject of 2019’s “A Very Brady Renovation” and starred all the Brady Kids.

But for now, seeing the exterior was pretty exciting too.

There is an urban myth that The Brady House is the second most photographed house in America, after The White House. Or maybe its fact. Because there was a security guard at the house when we visited …. and that menacing orange cone warning us to keep off this private property.


Southern California #23 - last visited November 1st 2021

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