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The Hat

We love "The Hat", serving pastrami dip sandwiches since 1951.

There are currently about a dozen branches of "The Hat" across Southern California, some more fabulous than others, but all with a Happy Days vibe inside, and a fabulous neon sign outside.

The iconic neon signs feature a white chefs hat emblazoned with “THE HAT”, and a yellow cloud shouting WORLD FAMOUS PASTRAMI.

Our favourite store is the original 1951 location in Alhambra. The signage is fantastic, and the vibe is retro heaven. Try to visit at night to behold the neon glory. Or on a weekend, when classic car clubs, and Harley Davidson weekend riders often like to hang out in the car parks.

And seriously - you do not need your own fries - because when you order fries, they’re going to give you A LOT of fries!


Southern California #131 - last visited June 2022

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