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The Waffle Spot

Any diner presided over by a giant waffle named Sir Wafflelot, who has a nose of butter, and legs of bacon, has me at hello Your Majesty.

We LOVE The Waffle Spot, a super fun bright happy retro diner located in the Kings Inn Hotel.

As you know, we prefer to sit at the counter, especially when it's a pastel blue counter with lavender chairs - but the powder blue Laminex tables with retro kitchen chairs are tempting as well. Look for the huge fairytale-esque mural depicting the adventures of Sir Wafflelot, and some very friendly looking sausages he meets on the way.

We ordered waffles, because “when in Rome” …. topped with fresh fruit so we didn’t die of scurvy that day. deeeeee-licious

The less said about any American coffee anywhere any time the better, but the coffee mug was adorable, and our lovely chatty waitress kept our cups full at all times.

Pro-tip: A Waffle Spot tee shirt is a must. -you can pick one up in the lobby of the Hotel - we did!


Southern California #22 - last visited 6th June 2022

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