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Apollo Space Capsule

If you’ve ever watched the 1960’s sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie”, then you’re going to experience a little bit of Deja vu as you approach the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey. In the space center forecourt sits an Apollo space capsule a la astronaut Major Nelson from I dream of Jeannie.

Although there is a nominal fee to visit the Space Centre, you can visit the Apollo 12 space capsule for free.

One of us was all ears at the following information, and one of us felt our eyes glaze over:

The Apollo Boilerplate 12 was an unmanned space capsule that was attached to a Little Joe rocket. It was launched in 1964 at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. It was a test capsule made to see if a manned capsule could disengage from a rocket and parachute safely back to earth JUST LIKE MAJOR NELSON IN I DREAM OF JEANNIE


Southern California #111 - last visited April 2021

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