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Big Red Showgirl Shoe

The glorious big red showgirl shoe has the look and feel of a decades old Las Vegas landmark but is actually a relatively new creation.

The jungle red high heeled, peep toe ankle strap shoe is adorned with oversized light bulbs, and if you have the chance to visit it in daylight, and also at night, you will discover it has two very different looks. - oh, and did we mention it SPINS from its high-profile median strip pole? yes, it’s in the middle of the road! It really is a must see. It even has a sparkly red bow - If Dorothy had become a Vegas Showgirl when she returned from Oz, this would be the shoe for her!

The Big Red Shoe was created in 2006 - 2007 as part of the Fremont Street redevelopment and creation of The Fremont Street Experience.

It is surrounded by neon new and old. It sits beside the historic El Cortez Hotel which has many beautiful vintage signs of its own, and in front of newer neon, including a classy Vegas showgirl in neon, and the boomerang shaped Vegas sign, complete with Fred Flintstone font.

It’s a great old school part of Vegas to explore, but there are a few shady characters in this part of the world, so don’t go with your cash poking out of your pockets, or your diamond tiara on display. Actually, it looks just as fabulous from inside your car as it does from the street.


Southern Nevada #15 - last visited November 2021

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