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Big Rig Jig

Just two 18-wheeler big rigs tied in a knot and standing on their front two wheels - no biggie.

Big Rig Jig is the quintessential modern day roadside attraction. And like several of the modern-day roadside attractions we have found, it started its life as an art installation at the Burning Man Festival.

I just love it when these crazy things find a permanent home.

Big Rig Jig is the work of Brooklyn based artist Mike Ross and stands about 50 feet - or four storeys high - yikes.

The 25-ton sculpture debuted in 2007’s Burning Man, when festival goers were able to climb inside the sculpture and moved to downtown Las Vegas in 2016. It’s located on old motel row on Fremont Street. It’s not the high roller suite, so keep an eye out for nutty hobos and strange smelling deadbeats.

You might want to get out of the car and explore the sturdiest sculpture base we’ve ever seen, the giant bespoke bolts that anchor the trucks to the base, or the other gravity defying infrastructure.

Or like us, you might want to yell “honey, stop the car!”, wind down the window and take a photo of this jaw dropping behemoth, and move on to the shinier parts of Bright Lights City.


Southern Nevada #13 - last visited November 2021

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