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Cantalini's Salerno Beach

Cantalini’s is the kind of vintage neighborhood restaurant we love. Dining here feels like nothing much has changed since it first opened its doors in the late 1960’s.

The restaurant started its life as Giovannis Salerno Beach, serving Southern Italian Food.

50 + years later it may have new owners, but it still serves delicious Italian food from its adorable restaurant painted in Italian Flag colours, and decorated with all the checkered tablecloths and old chianti bottles you could wish for.

The icing on the cake is, of course, Cantalini's enormous neon sign, perhaps way too large and glamorous for the modest building it sits upon. The sign though, is what makes this not only a great neighborhood restaurant, but also glorious roadside eye candy.

By the way, whomever erected that extra-large satellite dish right beside that beautiful sign needs a hard smack, but I digress.

Come for the neon, stay for the meatballs - you won’t be disappointed.


Southern California #122 - last visited December 2018

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