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Cinderella Houses

The Cinderella homes are enclaves of fairy tale style tract housing from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

They feature adorable magical design details including shingled roofs, swooping gables, built in bird houses, fairy tale style brick chimneys, and decorative lances crossed across the garage doors. There are also diamond paned windows, whimsically decorated shutters, and gingerbread house trim. And we’ve seen more than one with a wishing well in the front yard - ahhhhhhhhdorable.

The first Cinderella tract housing neighborhood was built in Anaheim, but there are also Cinderella neighborhoods in Claremont and Santa Barbara in California, as well as in Nevada, Kansas, Texas and Arizona.

Before this, several custom Cinderella houses were built. The very first one was built in Downey in 1953.

sidebar your honour: below is advertising for the Cinderella Houses - I die - honey, when can we move?


Southern California #94 - last visited July 2021

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