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Cindy's Coffee Shop

Cindys Coffee Shop, named for the original owner's daughter, has been serving diner delights along the old Route 66 since 1948.

As soon as we saw that glorious freestanding sign we slammed on the brakes, discovering later that the sign had recently been restored to original perfection through a go fund me campaign.

Complimenting the beautiful vintage roadside sign is the enormous lightbox sign that runs the length of the building, leaving no doubt that you have arrived at Cindys Restaurant.

Inside Cindy’s Googie style building the stars of the show are the booths and counter seating all upholstered in the happiest shade of tangerine we’ve ever seen. This harmonizes with the bright and cheery mid century wallpaper and lighting choices to perfection. Cindys is so retro perfect that it has caught they eye of many location scouts - look for Cindy’s on the silver screen in Justin Timberlakes “Can’t stop the feeling” music video, Ben Affleck’s 1995 film “Surviving Christmas”, and TV shows “Sons of Anarchy” , “Parenthood"and “Aquarius”.

Just when we thought this diner couldn't get any cuter, we noticed someone take a key attached to an enormous (and I do mean enormous) wooden spoon to unlock the outdoor restroom. you’ve got to appreciate an old school rest room situation, despite the fact that I would not pop to an outdoor tootie holding an enormous novelty wooden spoon for a million dollars.

When ordering at Cindys, keep in mind that you WILL need a slice of pie, something that Cindys is famous for.


Southern California #130 -last visited November 2022

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