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Cinerama Dome

The extraordinary Cinerama Dome, built in 1963, and declared a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument in 1998, was built to exhibit widescreen Cinerama films that used a short lived three projector system.

Pacific Theatres, and then Arclight Hollywood ran the dome as a successful multiplex cinema until covid forced the doors to close in 2020.

At the time of our visit the Cinerama Dome was still closed but fingers crossed the plans to re-open the Cinerama Dome eventuate soon. ( we took the nighttime shot on a pre-2020 visit - I’m not sure if its currently lit up at nighttime)

Even though you can’t enter the building, it’s still a pretty speccy sight from the street and well worth a visit.

The Cinerama Dome is a popular filming location and can be seen in episodes of “Entourage” and “Melrose Place”, and the film “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” to name a few.

side bar your honour: here is the Cinerama dome all decked out for the premiere of “Shrek” - I could die of cuteness


Southern California #37 - last visited 3rd July 2022

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