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Circus Liquor

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

…. and we never slept again …..

One of the most spectacular neon signs outside of Las Vegas is the circa 1960’s Circus Liquor sign.

Equal parts impressive and terrifying. I don’t think these pics demonstrate how b.i.g. that serial killer looking clown is! He’s 32 feet tall! - and he has X’s for eyes - eep!

Don’t go if you’re high.

Pro tip: there are scary clown souvenirs for sale inside the store - just in case you want to take your nightmares home with you.

Sidebar your Honour- Yes, that’s Circus Liquor in the movie “Clueless”, where Elton ditches Cher just before she gets mugged - you know the part I mean :-)


Southern California #14 - last visited February 12th 2021

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