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Dole Pineapple Factory

If you’re after the complete pineapple experience, then the Dole Plantation is for you.

First and foremost .. YES! you can get a Dole Whip here! One of the few places outside of Disneyland to serve the addictive pineapple soft serve ice cream we all love so much.

We had a lovely day at the Dole Plantation - the gardens are beautiful and there is no charge to wander round - pay a quarter for some fish food and feed the koi - super fun.

Pay a fee to ride the Pineapple Express, a hokey train tour of the pineapple fields, or wander through the garden maze while you’re enjoying your dole whip.

There is an extreme gift shop - just how many things can you put a picture of a pineapple on? (Roughly one million), and also a cafeteria style eatery featuring the star of the show - pineapple!

The Dole Plantation is a tourist magnet - book ahead for the train tour, or plan to wait up to 90 minutes to get on board on a busy day.


Hawaii #1 - last visited 23rd April 2022

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