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Don Ho Statue

1960’s pop singer Don Ho, famed for his velvet voice and Hammond Organ sounds, must be one of Hawaii’s most famous exports.

His kitschy song “Tiny Bubbles” stayed on the charts for almost a year, as did his follow up hit “Pearly Shells”.

At the height of his fame, in the 60’s and ’70’s he made guest appearances on several TV shows including “I Dream of Jeannie”, “The Brady Bunch”, “Batman”, “Fantasy Island”, and “Charlies Angels”.

In Hawaii, it seems he is universally loved.

The bronze statue of Don Ho, depicting him in the 1970’s, welcomes visitors to the International Marketplace in Waikiki. It was sculpted by artist Kim Duffett.

The statue is in a lovely spot and is draped in floral leis daily by his fans.


Hawaii #5 - last visited April 2022

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