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Foothill Drive In Sign

Azusa - its the A to Z of the U.S.A.

And once was home to the Azusa Foothill Drive In Theatre on Route 66. It was a a glorious landmark with it’s huge low lying gatefold neon sign, and it’s point of difference being that it only had one screen, not the usual two.

The Foothill Drive In Theatre opened in 1961 with a screening of “Babes in Toyland” .

It sadly closed in 2001 when the land was purchased by the neighboring APU university.

In 2002 a campaign was mounted to have the drive in listed on the state register of historic places. But hopes of that were all but dashed by 2005 when the concession stand, speaker poles and huge screen were all razed to build a parking lot.

Today the amazing neon marquee sign is all that remains. It’s a showstopper and long may it stand.


Southern California #150 -last visited October 2023

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