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Fox Theater Banning

What a glorious little jewel box The Fox Theater in Banning is.

We have often seen its glorious neon sign in the distance from the 10 Freeway, and we’re so glad we made the detour to explore the source of the neon glow.

This beautiful hidden gem first opened in 1923 with Buster Keaton in “Steamboat Bill Jnr” as its premiere film.

The theater had 650 seats, and its 1923 opening event also included newsreels, and a live performance by a boys quartet all the way from San Bernadino. fancy.

In 2009 the theater was renovated, and the theater was split into a triplex.

The facade is largely unchanged with a ticket booth facing the street.

Well worth the detour - -especially at night for the full neon glamour.


Southern California #136 - last visited February 2023

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