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Galleta Meadows

When eccentric millionaire Dennis Avery (heir to the Avery label fortune) purchased the land known as Galleta Meadows Estate, he did so for conservation reasons.

Soon after he commissioned artist Ricardo Breceda to create epic metal sculptures to dot the barren land.

There is now more than a dozen of the huge free-standing sculptures, each weighing around 1000 pounds.

There are prehistoric animals, giant birds, prancing stallions, scorpions, big horned sheep and one must see enormous serpent…. oh, plus one random Jesus (naturally)

This is definitely day trip material and will feel like a scavenger hunt as the sculptures are quite far apart and in the middle. of. nowhere. They are on private land, but it is unfenced, and everyone is invited to hike, cycle, horseback ride, picnic and photograph. To assist your hunt, you can get a map from the Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association store in downtown Borrego Springs.

We spent an entire day here and it was quite something.

Bring plenty of water - you’ll be in the desert with nothing but you and a giant metal dinosaur for miles around.


Southern California #49 - last visited 23rd November 2018

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