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Giant Chicken Boy

Chicken Boy started his life in the 1960’s, as a 22-foot-tall fiberglass muffler man.

He underwent some cosmetic surgery when he was purchased by Chicken Boy Fried Chicken, including being given a chicken head, and new arms that could hold a giant chicken bucket.

Chicken boy lived happily in Downtown Los Angeles, with all the other show biz types, on Broadway, near the Grand Central Market.

He remained there until 1984, when the owner of Chicken Boy Fried Chicken died. (This gets more like Edward Scissorhands every minute!)

Chicken Boy remained unhappily in storage until 2007, when he fell into the arms of artist Amy Inouye.

She moved chicken boy to the roof of her design firm, Future Studio on North Figueroa Street, where he happily lives today, with the help of donated funds, and community love and support.

In 2010 Chicken Boy received the Governor’s Historic Preservation Award from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He has brilliantly been referred to as the Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles.


Southern California #66 - last visited July 2021

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