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Giant Coffee Pot

It’s well worth pulling off the highway to visit the little town of Kingsburg, California.

The town was founded in 1908 by a group of Swedish immigrants, and the Swedish influence is still going strong.

Originally built in 1911, in 1985 the town’s water tower was remodeled into a giant Swedish coffee pot.

Brilliantly, one of the statistics they share is that if the 122-foot-tall coffee pot could tilt, it could pour 1.28 MILLION cups of coffee.

If you’re planning your trip around a visit to the giant coffee pot, try and go in May when they have a Swedish festival. They have a parade, Swedish pancakes, and the coronation of The Swedish Festival Queen.

Sidebar your honour:

Western film actors Slim Pickens and Easy Pickens were born in Kingsburg.


Southern California #105 - last visited August 2021

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