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Giant Exterminator

honey, stop the car!

It’s a giant exterminator, about to hammer the bejeebers out of a rat who is taunting him with a knife and fork.

The Western Exterminator Company celebrated 100 years in 2021, and the giant exterminator, named Mr. Little (stop it, my sides are splitting), has been a part of the company since 1931.

Mr. Littles arch nemesis, the cutlery wielding rat, is named Menace Mouse (despite the fact that he is clearly a rat)

You can thank a 1931 yellow pages salesman for Mr. Little’s existence. Legend has it that he told the company they should have a mascot or logo to catch people's eye. Artist Vaughan Kaufman created Mr. Little and the rest, as they say, is history.

Like all show biz icons, Mr. Little is not his original name, changing his name from Colonel Clean-Up in the 1960’s.


Southern California #30 -last visited February 12th 2021

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